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For Love and Sapphires

Witchy Wednesdays Oct 27: Candle Magick

Witchy Wednesdays Oct 27: Candle Magick

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Learn the ancient art of candle magick taught by Bridgetta who learned this from a Vodoo priestess. It REALLY works! 
 You'll learn to:
  • Create a sacred symbol for you
  • essential oils & how to use them for annointing 
  • How to infuse energy into a candle
  • How to set your intentions into the candle/Create your own spell
  • How to choose colors for your intention
  • What to look for
  • How to do all of this on your own!
  • Manifest all your desires fast!

Use the magic of October, a season of change & renewal to focus in on what your desires are and manifest them quickly into your reality.

$15 in-person (*Supplies included) & $8 online
*Supplies included for in-person: candles, annointing oils, & other supplies
Online- we will send you instructions on what to have!

Enjoy complimentary wine & beverages.
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