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Treasures Ametrine Royal 4 Prong Ring

Treasures Ametrine Royal 4 Prong Ring

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This is an amazingly fiery hand-made ring with a powerful rare 38ct perfect AAA quality oval Ametrine!
  • 8ct. Ametrine Oval
  • 26pts. VS diamond rounds
  • Fine sterling

Ametrine is one of my favorite stones on the planet as it has the healing strength of citrine and amethyst grown naturally in the same crystal. It's outstanding to feel and to see with all of the high-grade VS diamond accents firing like stars! The heavy contemporary style is a design language of universal form, heavy, protective, and gorgeous, making all of our Treasures hand-made pieces wearable by men and women.

JIMEYE DESIGNS: TREASURES are made by Celebrity Jeweler, Jimi Merk, who wanted to create a line that allowed the client to feel like “Royalty.”

Each hand-selected, one-of-a-kind, rare, extravagant gemstones are captured inside fine metals forming a fortress to protect the unique specimen of gemstone within. Each piece is a monument, with VS diamond accents burnished into the metal to give the treasures line brilliant flare.

Jimi offers his exquisite collections, as well as stunning customized designs, including one-of-a-kind spectacular wedding & engagement pieces.

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