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Trinity Power Healing Pendant

Trinity Power Healing Pendant

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The Trinity is the power healing pendant, also known as miracle pendant. This amazing healing tool has also been recognized as the healers and doctor's choice to use on clients as well as for self-healing and protection. The ancient triangle in triangle form is the oldest duality or yin yang form on the planet. It is the oldest healing symbol known to date as well. The right side up sterling triangle represents the strength of the masculine. Helping to direct and protect. The Upside down copper triangle  represents the power of the feminine nurturer, the giver. This triangle is holding a powerful 10 times rare earth magnet which protects from emfs, radiation energy, and charges the vascular blood system to raise oxygen levels, activate toxin releasing systems, and balance-hormones. This center-feminine triangle is suspended like a dream catcher as well, with 3 sterling jump rings reflecting the body, mind, and spirit. The Trinity has a mystical element to it in that it seems to work specific to each person's needs. 

The 3mm natural stones set in this pendant are the Body, Mind, Spirit stones of the world. The Green peridot, the heart or emotional healing stone of the world. This stone helps with  releasing stress and pain from the heart continually. The Blue topaz, the third eye or visionary stone of the world. Used to open the third eye, to communicate  with spiritual guidance, and to grow intuitive connections. The Rose quartz, the love stone of the world. Used to grow self appreciation and self love so that you can give love  more.  

It's been used for core-strengthening, protection, energy-clearing, conscious direction, spiritual alignment, and much more. It's amazing for healing through emotional trauma, inherited or from this life. Because it is so powerful with emotional healing it seems to have a miraculous effect on the body for physical healing. It's been effectively repeated for rehabilitation, ridding the body of all ailments, has been proven to erase side effects from drug use and in some cases has completely erased terminal illness such as cancer. This amazing healing tool has an unbelievable track record and with years of testing continues to provide the strongest healing results of any healing tool out there.

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