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Merkaba pendant

Merkaba pendant

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One of the oldest sacred symbols on the planet. The Merkaba is considered a God symbol as ancient scripts such as the Shri Veda say that all things came out of this symbol and you can find the Merkaba anywhere in our existance. Its the sacred form that creates sound frequency. Merkaba is made up from 2 intersecting tetrahedrons which creates this harmonious and powerdul sacred symbol. 

This amazing ancient symbol was hand carved by Jimi in meditation with a pocket knife in wax: as all of the Shine pieces are. It was then cast in the finest sterling. Its a wonderdul pendant to support you with the highest frequency divine life force. Its such a powerfully guiding pendant. Its an amazing pendant for connecting and feeling the power of your spirit guides. Its also an amazing sacred symbol for harnessing strength from all things around you and giving sincere protection. Merkaba makes people feel more core strong and balanced as it brings strength and harmony into your life. The Merkaba is also a premiere symbol for manifesting what you want into your life! 

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