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For Love and Sapphires

Revealed by Darkness

Revealed by Darkness

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Since childhood for reasons she couldn’t understand, Chloe was drawn to the dark and all that lived there. Seeing and feeling things that others couldn’t or wouldn’t, she was forced into a lonely life. The lines between “good girl” and “bad girl'”quickly became her guidebook, making her shove parts of herself into hiding. Life took her on a fiercely adventurous journey that led her to discover the unexplainable perfection of the wild. To find herself and her magic, she had to meet her ancestors, face her fears, and learn to walk alone in the darkness. This is a story about an intuitive who spends half of her life running away from her gifts, and the rest of it running towards them. In telling a different story about the dark, she invites the reader to examine their own imbalanced relationship with darkness and intuition. A coming of age story about a girl who learns to claim her power and her voice by befriending the dark. It is courageously vulnerable, honest, and raw. You will find yourself, and your memories in the pages of this book.

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